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Uxorious IV

Uxorious IV


Uxorious IV calls Jersey, UK, home. In coming to her first Hobart race, the beautifully appointed yacht has been slowly sailing around the world, leaving the UK in October 2011. She was in the Pacific in September this year, visiting such places as Fiji. During its travels, the Swan 62 FD has contested the Cowes Dinard and Rolex Fastnet races, and the 2011 Swan Europeans, where it was second in class, beaten by another Swan by 21 seconds overall after a three day race. It was then sailed across the Atlantic for the 2012 Caribbean 600. The boat arrived in Australia in October.

Uxorious IV sailed around the Caribbean/USA in 2012 and 2013, competing in the 2012 Newport Bermuda Race and the Caribbean 600 in 2013, where she was second again in class. Returned in 2014, but due to equipment failure, didn’t finish. For those interested in the boat’s name, Uxorious means foolishly fond of; or submissive to, one’s wife – a man who dotes on, or really adores his wife. 


Competitor Details

Yacht Name Uxorious IV
Sail Number GBR6210L
Owner Colin Buffin
Skipper Colin Buffin
Crew B Cooper, B Aarons, C Noble (1), C Richings, C OBryne, C Myant, E Hill (1), F Shanks (1), J French, J Holmes, M Angell, R Graham, T Whitburn
State UK
Type Swan 62 FD
Designer Nautors Swan
Builder Nautors Swan