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GYR Wot Eva

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PHS - Div 1
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Since 2010, the Sailors With Disabilities team has been racing and training on the TP52, Wot Eva (the former Yassou, Glory and Wot Yot), which was generously donated to SWD by co-founder Graeme Wood after he contested three Hobarts with it. Last year, SWD, led by David Pescud, finished the Rolex Sydney Hobart 47th overall in IRC and eighth in Division 1. This year, SWD has chartered the yacht to Global Yacht Racing, which last entered the race under charter with Kioni in 2008 and finished 59th overall. GYR also chartered Kioni in 2007, Next in 2006 and Eureka II in 2004. For the upcoming Rolex Sydney Hobart, the yacht will be crewed by some experienced yachties and paying crew members.


Competitor Details

Name GYR Wot Eva
Sail Number 6953
Owner Global Yacht Racing
Skipper Andy Middleton
Crew A Foulds, A James, D Barton, D Buckingham, G Johnstone, J Gair, K Twible, M O'Garey, N Joyce, R Spence, R Hoyt, R Arnold, T Kase
State Great Britain
Type TP52